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Instructional Assistant (13)

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TitleInstructional Assistant
Posting ID13

Performance Responsibilities/Duties:


  • Works closely with one or more students on a regular basis to provide instructional support.
  • Supervision of students being instructed.
  • Extends instruction to students after initial teacher presentation.
  • Works with small groups of students to reinforce instructional material.
  • Listens to students in recitation, reading, and other curriculum tasks.
  • Checks students' work as directed.
  • Assists with pupil records.
  • Makes and files copies.
  • Use and care of equipment and facilities.
  • Maintains positive public relations.
  • Attendance is a priority and critical for the success of students.
  • Other duties as assigned by supervising teacher or principal.
Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary Range$9.00 - $12.00 / Per Hour
LocationRaintree Education Center

Applications Accepted

Start Date09/18/2018
End Date08/01/2021