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TitleBus Driver
Posting ID15


  • Strong ability to work with public, students and faculty/staff
  • Confidentiality and Flexibility
  • Possess Class A or B CDL with School Bus and Passenger Endorsements
  • Obtain all Department of Education Certification Requirements
  • Pass 7 Year Official Driver Record Check
  • Comply with Department of Transportation Drug Testing Program
  • Pass Expanded Criminal History Background Check


Physical Requirements: Sitting for long periods, bending, squatting and lifting up to 50 pounds.


Reports to: Director of Facilities & Transportation

Evaluation By: Director of Facilities & Transportation

Supervises: Bus Aide


Terms of Employment: 183 days (180 student days 3 days for orientation/safety meetings)


Job Goal: This position requires an individual to perform duties and responsibilities with minimal to no supervision.  Must have the ability to communicate and articulate responsibilities and requirements and safety procedures of the school bus.   


Performance Responsibilities/Duties:


  • Use student listing to check names of students in your bus area
  • Work with school secretary to create a route that is best for students
    • Students are transported door to door and to parent, guardian or teacher
    • Must be flexible and able to update routes in short periods of time when necessary
    • Maintain confidential records of medical conditions and medications
    • Manage student conduct and report any disciplinary action to the Transportation Director
  • Educate student passengers to bus passenger rules and emergency evacuation procedures.


  • Must maintain current CDL
  • All DOT required documentation and certifications must be kept current at all times
  • Must maintain current valid physical
  • Report problems with students of equipment as soon as possible, but no longer than 24 hours after occurrence
  • Maintain a current route sheet
  • Must be punctual and keep a regular route schedule on am and pm routes and check bus after every route making sure no children are left on the bus
  • Attendance is a priority and critical for the success of the Transportation Department


  • Weekly inspection forms are to be completed and given to the Transportation Director
  • Buses are to be kept fueled
  • Maintain bus cleanliness both inside and outside of the bus.
  • All mechanical problems and/or equipment issues are to be reported to the Transportation Director as soon as possible
  • All other duties as assigned by the Transportation Coordinator or Superintendent.
Shift TypeFull-Time
Salary Range$80.00 / Per Day
LocationTransportation Department

Applications Accepted

Start Date02/06/2019